Introverts Can Be Powerful Leaders


Although many of us think that you have to be an extrovert to lead, the fact is that some famous leaders have been introverts. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review said that introverts were better leaders of engaged and proactive employees. Executive coach Kris Ishibashi will discuss the advantage of being an introvert when it comes to being a leader and some of the challenges. She will leave you with some takeaways that you can use to make your voice heard.

About Kris:

Kris Ishibashi cropped

Kris Ishibashi is a certified executive coach with over 25 years of business leadership experience with titles such as Chief Information Officer and Purchasing Director. She is passionate about helping executives and managers achieve greater success in the workplace. She has proven experience coaching for private clients and non-profit organizations, in addition to a record of success leading change during her business career. She focuses on helping clients lead through change, communicate effectively, improve their emotional intelligence, strengthen relationships, and modify workplace behavior. Kris is a Certified Professional Coach, by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, a program approved by the International Coaching Federation. She has an MBA from Columbia University; and an AB from Barnard College. She is also Hogan Assessment, Clark Wilson 360, and MBTI Certified.

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