Identity Theft: Why Everyone is now as Famous as a Kardashian


Do you know how much your identity is worth on the black market? As little as one dollar. That’s because in this digital age, our personal information is virtually everywhere—and utterly painless to steal.

It’s 2016. We do everything on the Internet. A study of 200 major companies shows over 60% leak personal information—like your email address—across the web. In the past few years, over a billion records have been compromised—and companies like Chase, Ebay, Sony, and Target have suffered.

Identity Theft Protection is a serious and growing necessity. Here’s what you can learn to protect yourself:

  • The multitude of ways your information can be stolen off the Internet.

  • What it means when your tax return is fraudulently filed—and what to do?

  • How valuable your email address is—and how easy it is to steal.

  • Why people are specifically after your health care information.

  • Proactive ways to avoid becoming another identity theft statistic.

About Anthony Davenport:

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Anthony is Founder & President of Regal Financial. Davenport’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to teach credit education, a topic that very few know and understand. In addition to providing professional services to clientele that includes players in the NFL, NBA, PGA, and MLB (not to mention team owners) and Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony-award winning performers, Davenport teaches continuing education courses for the New York State Society of CPAs, New York County Bar Association and New York Real Estate Institute on consumer credit issues, and has advance certification from both FICO and the Consumer Data Industry Association. He’s been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and, on average, he speaks at 30 financial seminars per year, reaching thousands of audience members who range from accountants, lawyers and real estate agents, as well as from middle school students to professional athletes, and financial advisers for billionaires and celebrities. In 2016 Davenport will be speaking to the employees of RocNation in NYC and LA as well as the Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship (Jay-Z’s charity).

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