How to Become a Mindful Millionaire


Together we’ll explore:

  •  What is holding you back from believing and achieving this goal?

  • What’s responsibility got to do with it?

  • Let’s talk numbers and how to get there…

You are invited to take this quiz: Are Chakra Imbalances Affecting Your Money Flow?

Listen to the start of Leisa’s book, The Mindful Millionaire, in her own voice HERE.

About Leisa:

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Leisa Peterson, CFP® is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people elevate their financial consciousness by realizing their true value and creating financial security for themselves.

As a money coach, business consultant and spiritual teacher, Leisa host’s the Mindful Millionaire podcast as well as virtual workshops and retreats in Sedona and Hawaii. Her masterful blend of sound financial strategy and mindfulness training helps people break free of patterns of lack, scarcity and money fears, allowing them to finally lead the rewarding, fulfilling, and abundant lives they most desire.

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