How Imbalanced Hormones can Complicate Losing those Last Few Pounds, & How to Treat Naturally


Losing weight can seem like an uphill battle, and unfortunately, it’s not you- it really is! Weight is its own endocrine organ throwing an extra wrench into messing with our hormones at any age, and any other general health concerns further makes our body really want to hold on. However, weight is usually a sign that things aren’t quite right, physically and/or emotionally (think ‘holding on’). In this webinar you will learn:

  • How we got to this state of dis-ease (aka no quick fix)
  • The many different factors that can throw off hormones and add weight
  • How you should choose hormone therapy, or natural remedies, or both
  • The foundations of health (e.g. nutrition, lifestyle) plus best supplements to balance hormones & feel fantastic!

About Dr. Serena:

Dr. Serena Goldstein.jpg

Dr. Serena Goldstein is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in treating hormone concerns such as weight, sleep, low energy, stress, PMS, peri/menopause, and andropause through nutrition, homeopathy, and botanical medicine by creating plans specific for each patient. Dr. Serena has been published in well-known health and wellness resources, such as MindBodyGreen, Consumer Health Digest, and the Hearty Soul, and appeared on Sirius XM NYU Doctor Radio and Everlast Podcast. Dr. Serena is also on the Advisory Board of Natural Practitioner Magazine.

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