How Breathing Can Save Your Finances…

by Jillian Beirne Davi

I’m known for saying that Money is a HUMAN made tool.  And humans are emotional.  Therefore money is emotional.

(Even though it doesn’t have to be.)

Money follows the simple laws of cause and effect. You GIVE to the world a specific amount of energy and in return you RECEIVE energy in back in the form of money.

Money, business, your finances, they all follow a linear process.  The same way that diet follows a logical process. You give out more in energy to the world, you receive money.  Ask enough people for what you want, you’ll get it!  Do more than what’s expected of you in every situation and you’ll receive your reward in due time. It’s cause and effect. It’s not that hard.

The problem is that we are emotional beings. And so we act irrationally and non-linearly because of how we FEEL.  If we do not learn to master our emotions, we’ll never be able to master our money. (Or our weight, or our careers, or our relationship… really anything.!)

So money mastery is really emotional mastery in disguise.

What I’d like for you to try on for size today is a simple exercise that produces enormous results that helps you to master your emotions.

It’s a 10 minute breathing exercise.  Really a meditation.  (Don’t laugh, this works!)

When you feel your emotions flaring up, your mind is racing, your thoughts are taking you down the rabbit hole of anxiousness, worry and distress – it’s time to take a 10 minute time out and Breathe.

When you breathe in focus on saying the world “inhale” to yourself silently. When you breathe out, focus on the word “exhale” in your mind.

Now, as you sit there with your eyes close, notice ALL the thoughts that you are having.  Noticing these thoughts are the key to mastering your emotions. You are not your thoughts about money.  Your thoughts about money are what are driving you insane and blocking your path to abundance.  Sounds over-simplistic. And it is.

So notice the thoughts you are having around money. Notice the emotions that come up when you think them. It all seems so REAL.

But it ain’t.

Money is a neutral tool to get you to where you want to go that’s it. We attach all this excess meaning and emotion to it, which makes it difficult for us to do the very things that would help us to create financial harmony!

We don’t ask.  We stay in self-doubt, we demand perfection from ourselves and others. We stay stuck in blame, resentment and fear. We’re too busy nit-picking, we are afraid of rejection, what other people with think of us, we’re trying not to lose control.

All this emotional nonsense that cuts us off from income that’s RIGHT in front of our faces.

Now, back to the exercise.

When you do this 10 minute breathing exercise you will begin to train yourself to disassociate from that chatter.

To just let it chatter on and on without becoming emotionally attached to it.  Without getting sucked into it’s drama.  You can train your mind to come back to Inhale and Exhale. You’ll be learning a powerful mental habit:  to interrupt the chatter, focus on the here and now and just BE.

When you can do this exercise more frequently over time you can begin to master your emotions. And when you can do that, then you are well on your way to becoming emotionally and financially free!

I invite you to TEST this out.  Do it for 7 days straight.  You 10 minute exercise.  You will find that it relaxes you and helps you to make wiser decisions in your financial life.

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