Get Clear So You Can Clear Your Inner Money Blocks


Let go of euphemisms for money like ‘abundance’ and ‘prosperity’ and get at the real shapes money takes on in your life. Uncover the five categories money falls into and start to understand the emotions and programming attached to each and how they may be holding you back. Step-by-step AHA moments give you a complete and far-reaching overview of your money picture through the five kinds of money. You will be walked through a process of uncovering and measuring your biggest inner blocks, giving you the power and consciousness needed to really change!

What you will learn:

  • The five kinds of money

  • The emotions and programming attached to each

  • How and why these emotions and beliefs hold us back

  • A process of mapping, measuring and clearing your inner money blocks

About Jeanne Demers:

Jeanne Demers cropped

Jeanne is the founder and director of the not-for-profit, Realize Arts & Education, Inc. in 1994. One of its most popular programs, Realize Your Money Goals, helps smart, savvy, success-oriented people who struggle with an “inner glass ceiling.” In the form of one-on-one and group coaching, Realize Your Money Goals helps business owners, sales people, independent contractors, coaches and creatives to uncover and clear the inner-programming in the way of marketing themselves boldly, attracting their ideal clients with ease, and earning like the rock stars in their field that they are. Jeanne’s background as an arts educator, working with and mentoring young people, makes her especially good at inspiring adults to connect with their inner-kid and leave no stone unturned as they go in search of what’s in the way of the financial life they want and deserve. Her ability to infuse a challenge with a sense of wonder, curiosity and adventure is what makes Jeanne a Tapping Into Wealth coach capable of delivering inner-world shifts that result in outer-world (dollars and cents) shifts.

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