How to Get the Abundance you Want by Taking Control of Your Clutter


We all want abundance, and frankly, we all have it but maybe not in the form we imagined: debt, weight, clutter. On this webinar, learn 5 ways to get clear on the abundance you want in your life and how to make room for it.

About Smith Banfield:

Smith Banfield

Smith is the creator of Clear Space, and works with individuals who are overwhelmed by their belongings, feel stuck and uninspired by their home or work environment and are ready to step into a new way of being in their space. She believes that our wellness is directly connected to our environment. By surrounding ourselves in spaces that inspire us, rather than drain us, is life changing.

After working with Smith, her clients experience a shift in beliefs about what they hold on to, a renewed energy in their space and the ability to findanything they need in less than a minute.

Smith Banfield will help you visualize how great your current space can be and offer a fresh new perspective through systems, storage and style so you will love the home you are in.

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