Facing Divorce? A checklist to help you prepare


Elise will distill the wisdom from over five years of interviews with New York’s top divorce professionals to give you a practical and financial checklist to prepare you for the divorce process. She will also share what she learned about the emotional journey from her own experience, from working with women going through divorce and from speaking with some of the best divorce coaches, therapists and child specialists. You will come away from this webinar with a clear idea of the next practical steps you need to take, as well as some valuable principles that can help keep you focused, clear-headed and positive during this tumultuous, challenging transition.

About Elise:

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Elise Pettus is the founder and editorial director of UNtied, The Thinking Woman’s Divorce Resource. Previously a freelance journalist whose byline includes stories in the New York Times, New York and Gourmet, Huffington Post, and Healthy Living, she went through her own divorce starting in 2010. She discovered that while she yearned for a support community as well as solid divorce advice and education, there was very little to be found on the internet. In 2013, she started UNtied, an online and real life network offering camaraderie, education and access to top experts in the arena of divorce. UNtied hosts 20 to 25 live and live-streamed events per year on topics ranging from hiring a lawyer to sex and dating in midlife to paying for college as a re-singled parent. A New York Times feature about UNtied described her as a “connector in the Malcolm Gladwell definition of the word.” UNtied currently has over 1500 subscribers in New York City and beyond.

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