How to look fabulous when you’re dead- what you need to know about end of life planning to protect you and the ones you love

In this webinar, you will learn

  • Estate Planning is for everyone.
  • Estate Planning is not just about the money.
  • Having a Will isn’t enough- Necessary documents other than the Will.
  • Special Planning issues, i.e Pets and Charities
  • Quick over view of Advance Directives such as Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and Living Will.

About George:


As a wills, trusts, and estates attorney, George Bischof helps families with some of the most important aspects of financial and family responsibility. His approach to estate planning combines direct personal attention with legal expertise: clients protect their loved ones while preserving their wealth, and, in so doing, they express their deepest commitments, goals, and values. Because every family is unique, an engagement begins with a meeting to discuss client objectives and questions, and then George drafts clear, binding documents. When young children are involved, clients are assured that the right people will become guardians/trustees and that those fiduciaries will have appropriate guidance. Clients who need more specialized provisions, such as those with non-U.S. spouses, with children from different marriages, or with special-needs children (or parents), or who are same-sex partners, also benefit from custom document drafting. With proper planning, many of George’s clients prudently address their estate tax exposure, leaving more for their family, friends, and charities. His commitment is not to make his clients experts in estate taxation, but rather to explain choices so that tax planning opportunities can be coordinated with investment, philanthropic, and family objectives. Several factors distinguish an engagement with George: For wills, trusts, and other drafting projects, after an initial complimentary consultation, he offers a fixed price for most standard packages. Because the firm focuses exclusively in estate planning, he is able to deliver a level of service and attention unavailable with typical law firm economics. Personal service is a hallmark not only during the client engagement, but afterward: George believes that in the estate planning field, the attorney-client relationship should be an ongoing source of advice and guidance as families and balance sheets grow over time (and as tax laws change…). George also appears in New York’s probate courts to counsel families on estate administration, advising executors, administrators, beneficiaries, creditors, and other interested parties. He also handles trust matters, including accountings and trustee replacements. A graduate of Amherst College in 1989 and Yale Law School in 1993, George lives in Pelham, New York, with his wife Kristin and their two school-age children. George enjoys presidential biographies, film, and politics, and he is active in his church and with the Pelham Art Center and the Friends of the Pelham Public Library. Kristin is a real estate agent with McClellan Sotheby’s in Pelham.

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