Elegant Negotiation Strategies for Women: How to Negotiate Even if You Hate Confrontation


Most people think negotiation is just for salaries, car or home purchases. Not so! When you learn the rules, you quickly realize you can negotiate anything — landing you the best deals, the best opportunities and the inner confidence that you too can get to yes, while still being authentically yourself.

(Oh, and you can do this even if you hate conflict or confrontation.)

I’m Jill, a money coach and recovering people-pleaser. In this presentation on negotiation, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 core traits of master feminine negotiators

  • Common myths about negotiation debunked

  • A five step process for preparing for a negotiation

  • A fool-proof pre-negotiation worksheet so you’ll feel completely prepared going in

  • A mental trick to help you think on your feet (in case you get emotionally flustered)

  • How to ask for what you want and get it

  • Elegant ways to move past no’s (plus a word-for-word phrase that opens doors)

  • Why “just ask for what you want” is bad advice and what to do instead

About Jill:

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Jill Davi is a professional financial coach who, for the last decade, has helped her clients dramatically increase their earning power (whether they work in corporate or own their own businesses.) She offers no nonsense, practical, measurable, real world strategies to help you focus less on penny pinching and more on earning what you’re worth! Her work has been featured in Business Insider, HuffPo, Fast Company, Forbes, LearnVest and more.

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