Dominate Your Debt: Interview with Rebecca Eve Selkowe


Is your debt a mindset or habit? What to do to pay off debt is not a secret: throw money at it until it’s gone. Dominate Your Debt: A Work & Play Book answers the trickier question how. As in, “How do I take control of my debt, pay it off on my own terms, and still live my life?”

With humor and candor, Dominate Your Debt guides you step by step through creating a plan to pay off your debt. You will understand yourself, your debt, and your options. You will organize your financial life. You will create a payoff plan that balances paying off debt with building savings. And you will track and celebrate your progress as you implement that plan, all right in the pages of the book.

About Rebecca Eve Selkowe:

Rebecca Selkowe cropped

Rebecca is a recovering attorney, a financial coach, author of Dominate Your Debt: A Work & Play Book, and the creator of the Dominate Your Debt® Boot Camp and Rock Your Money® coaching programs. She is on a mission to empower all women to be confident and in control of their money.

Rebecca’s fresh, fun, no-BS approach to personal finance is one part sweet, one part sassy, and many parts singing. A trained opera singer and an award-winning karaoke performer (yes, this is a thing!), Rebecca is a graduate of Middlebury College and Brooklyn Law School. She lives with her family in New York City.

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