Current Challenges Facing Female Executives and Entrepreneurs


Presentation by Lori R. Sackler, author of The M Word: the money talk every family needs to have about wealth and their financial future, and its sequel, The M Word Journal: How to have the money talk.

Lori conducted a survey of successful women who held top executive positions of leading corporations and organizations such as PepsiCo, Morgan Stanley, Pandora, and U.C. Berkeley. These C-Suite women agreed on three basic themes which Lori will address in detail.

– There still exists a “diaper ceiling” – the artificial barrier to advancement in the workplace imposed by the challenges of motherhood. How can we break through that ceiling? – A strategy that ultimately empowers women in the workforce is to have a mentor and a sponsor, which aren’t the same. How can they help women succeed? – C-Suite women agree with the common findings that women prefer female financial advisors. What can female advisors provide that males can’t?

The keen insights and unique experiences of the women surveyed, along with Lori’s vast knowledge of how to accumulate and manage wealth, will provide viewers with valuable takeaways.

About Lori R. Sackler:

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Lori is a financial advisor, Senior Vice President and Senior Investment Management Consultant at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, where she leads the Sackler Group. Sackler, with her team, advises a select group of individuals and families on financial security, lifestyle and legacy concerns. Sackler is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Investment Management Analyst, and non-practicing Certified Public Accountant. She is also the creator and former host of the radio show The M Word on WOR in New York City and author of The M Word: The Money Talk Every Family Needs to Have About Wealth and Their Financial Future (McGraw-Hill Education 2013, updated 2016) and The M Word Journal (Koehler Books, 2016).

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