Credit Management 101


During the webinar, Anthony covers

  • Insider Insights: Tips for reading your credit report like a pro – This section pertains to reading and understanding what is on your credit report. We’ll also address common mistakes people make in the course of dealing with their own credit profiles and reports.

  • Qualifications for the most coveted cards in the world – We’ll go over what the different credit companies look for in the course of deciding who gets their super exclusive cards. We’ll also cover what you need to obtain the illustrious Black card and perks come with it. This course is always popular among everyone, especially pro athletes and entertainers.

  • Your FICO score: How it’s calculated & what it means– This portion goes in depth regarding FICO scores, what they really tell you, and what factors are taken into account in the course of calculating them.

  • Credit Scoring Secrets & Myths Explained– This discusses things people generally don’t know regarding credit like the ideal number of credit cards to have open and dispelling the widespread myths that people believe about credit.

  • Identity Theft prevention & Recovery -Identity theft effects everyone, this section deals with how to ensure that you don’t become a statistic and what to do when you become a victim.

  • Medical collections: How to deal with them– 35% of Americans have collections on their credit report. Collections can be especially detrimental to credit scores and a little known secret is that paying them can be extremely damaging to your scores.

About Anthony:


Anthony is Founder & President of Regal Credit Management. Davenport’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to teach credit education, a topic that very few know and understand. In addition to providing professional services to clientele that includes players in the NFL, NBA, PGA, and MLB (not to mention team owners) and Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony-award winning performers, Davenport teaches continuing education courses for the New York State Society of CPAs, New York County Bar Association and New York Real Estate Institute on consumer credit issues, and has advance certification from both FICO and the Consumer Data Industry Association. He’s been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and, on average, he speaks at 30 financial seminars per year, reaching thousands of audience members who range from accountants, lawyers and real estate agents, as well as from middle school students to professional athletes, and financial advisers for billionaires and celebrities

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