Couples & Money: Why Your Mate Makes You Crazy


Money fights with your partner can be painful—as well as baffling and frustrating. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in the same old dead-end, saying things like: “Why on earth did you buy that?” “What do you mean you forgot to pay that bill?”

This webinar will help you get past repetitive money squabbles by providing a fresh take on old myths and patterns—so that you can enjoy a healthier emotional and financial life together.


About MP Dunleavey:

MP Dunleavey headshot

MP is an award-winning personal finance writer, author and editor. She is a former columnist for The New York Times and MSN Money, and is now financial content director for a new consumer-facing website for Charles Schwab, developed with Time Inc., and aimed at affluent investors.

Prior to joining Time Inc., MP consulted at Betterment, an online investing platform that provides automated, customizable portfolios for retirement and taxable accounts.

In 2009, MP co-founded DailyWorth, a financial site for women where she served as editor-in-chief for four years (2009-2013). Her expertise in the field of women’s finances grew out of her experience as a columnist for MSN Money (2001 to 2011), where she founded the Women in Red, a bi-weekly column that sparked the first financial social media group for women.

MP also has been a contributor to MONEY Magazine (2010); Woman’s Day (2012-14); and several other outlets (SELF, Body & Soul, Parents). She is the author of “Money Can Buy Happiness,” which won a Books for a Better Life Award in 2007.

MP has appeared on NPR’s Marketplace as a commentator; she has made numerous television and video appearances, including the TODAY show, CNBC, CBS and ABC news programs. She lives in New York City with her family.

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