Compromise Elsewhere! Adjust your thinking quickly to increase your confidence and radically change the way you live


Are you considering a major change in your career or going through something outside of your comfort zone? Are you afraid of making the dumbest move ever? If so, this is an experience we can all relate to! This type of fear can keep us stuck where we are and miss meaningful progress towards our goals. Have you ever felt your efforts that worked before are not working anymore? Or, maybe the momentum you had in your life has suddenly disappeared and now you feel like you lost your way. Finding the strength and courage to keep going isn’t always easy.

What if I told you that there are a couple of ways to help you gain a different perspective, giving you a better chance to achieve the success you are looking for?

This is exactly what you will learn in this webinar. I will share with you some simple and effective methods to live life on your terms.


  • Taking charge of your negative beliefs: How to break those patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck from making meaningful progress towards your goals and aspirations.
  • Standing in your full power: Simple and effective ways for helping you to move forward confidently by operating in your full power and bringing the results you desire.
  • Taking Action: How to develop a healthy appetite for risk and be comfortable with the uncomfortable that makes you come alive!


About Carol:

In a career distinguished by trailblazing, tenacity and visionary leadership, Carol has been an influential keynote speaker to over 65 companies across life science, education, nonprofit, technology, and finance sectors, sharing new and compelling information, and inspiring companies to seize leading edge opportunities.

A corporate career at Pfizer has taken her to 25 countries across six continents, giving her a strong global perspective on digital consumer trends and solutions. She’s held senior roles in technology for RXotOTC Switch, Marketing and Digital Marketing businesses, and as a founder of digitalwitt, she brings a unique attitude, perspective and approach in developing powerful digital strategies for diverse clients and consults businesses on aligning their brands with the digital culture and leveraging emerging platforms. She won’t go on here about all she has done, because she likes to boil it down to a few words: Inspiration. Creativity. Action.

An avid curiosity for anything digital, her love for people and culture, Carol is the gal who people go to help them create transformative ideas that empowers people.

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