The M Word

It’s time to talk about money! Did you know generation and family history significantly influence money behavior and conversations? 

Top Tax Tips for Prudent Parents

There are tax breaks for parents and children; you just have to constantly keep up with the tax changes. Here are a few ways you can save on taxes.

March Is Women’s History Month – Share Your Story

This year’s theme for Women’s History Month is “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives.” In the coming months, Savvy Ladies would like to highlight your story. We’ve all had victories and defeats in our financial lives – sharing your wisdom from...

Provide a Safety Net for Your Family

by Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFAI spent last night in bed with the latest Eckhart Tolle book and, not surprisingly, it got me thinking about the ever-changing nature of the universe. From Sartre to the Dalai Lama – this is one of the few things on which all the wise men...

College: An Affordable Luxury?

With the rising cost of college, many parents consider college tuition a luxury they cannot afford. There are a variety of options for parents to put a child through college.

Making Money a Family Affair

Make saving a habit not only for you, but for every member of the family including children. Check out these fantastic money-saving products for your child.

Turn Your Kids Into Personal Finance Champs

by Manisha ThakorDo your children think you are a walking ATM?If you are tired of “must-have-that-toy-right-now” tantrums as you walk down the aisles of Target or Toys “R” Us, go straight to your nearest bookstore and buy Alisa T. Weinstein’s new...

Is there such thing as a kid-friendly bank account?

by Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFAHave you ever given a dollar to your child and seen the expression of awe on their face? Imagine how that expression can change in a few years when they have their own bank account that has increased because of interest.  The problem?...

Finding the Money for a Baby

by Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFAA new mom the second time around, of course I run into many other new moms. Despite the lack of sleep, they’re all so radiant and happy. However, when they learn that I am a financial planner, a different emotion often surfaces – the...