Buy vs Rent: First time home buyers


Are you considering buying a home? Is being a home-owner a goal of yours? This webinar is designed for first-time home buyers to consider buying vs renting, but anyone that is thinking about buying a home will benefit from this presentation. We will go through some examples that compare buying vs renting a property.

This webinar will cover:

  • Renting pros and cons
  • Buying pros and cons
  • Expenses associated with renting, buying, and selling
  • When the benefits of owning a home exceed the benefits of renting
  • New tax code

About Karina:

Karina Sagiev cropped.png

Karina Sagiev has been in real estate for over 22 years. She combines her responsibilities of managing the company with being a successful real estate broker. Having helped hundreds of clients to find homes, Karina shaped a distinctive Evans customer service approach.

Karina holds an MA in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, speaks fluent Russian and English and some Hebrew.

About Maria:

Maria Pogarskaya cropped.jpg

As a licensed associate real estate broker at Evans Real Estate Investments, Maria Pogarskaya works with international and local buyers and sellers to execute residential and commercial transactions, as well as working with investors to structure large investment projects. Maria Pogarskaya was previously a client manager at Evans Moscow in Russia, where she headed the sales department, training new agents, working to complete transactions with key clients, and managing all of the firm’s incoming clients. In 2010, Maria Pogarskaya moved to New York to join Evans Real Estate Investments. Since then, she became a top agent of the company. Her client’s portfolio includes but not limited to condo and coops, commercial rentals and sales, townhouses and even houses in suburbs. Maria’s enthusiasm and energy along with deep knowledge of the market and financial experience guarantee client satisfaction at every stage of the transaction. Beyond finding the right property Maria is ready to provide financial analyze, help to apply for mortgage, advise on everything from school to furniture store. Maria Pogarskaya successfully closed the most complicated deals of the company. She is a sincere friend to her clients; she is very professional and always reachable by phone. Maria Pogarskaya holds a master’s degree in economics and management from Moscow State University of Art. Maria speaks Russian and English. Maria is also a Real Estate Licensed Broker in Florida.

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