Are You Financial Savvy? What’s Good For Women is Good For Business!

by Janet Wise

Recently I met Sylvia Hewitt, co-founder of the Hidden Brain Drain, Harvard Professor and author of several books, including Top Talent.  As a Leadership Development expert, I’ve been researching Women and Leadership and was fascinated to learn:

  1. that women are identified as the power behind the new Global economy; and
  2. the various ways that smart companies and entrepreneurs are designing everything from marketing campaigns and product solutions with this demographic in mind

You can read some case studies here, but keep front and center, what’s good for women is good for business. How good? Well if US based women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have the 5th largest GDP in the world, trailing closely behind Germany and ahead of countries including France, UK and Italy – that’s close to $2.8 trillion – and once again proves that women owned firms are not a small, niche market but a major contributor and player in overall economy.  How are you preparing yourself financially to weigh in on this powerful spend?

Are you financial savvy

The research also shows that one woman every 60seconds leaves her corporate position to start her own company. Are you financially savvy to join the ranks of these entrepreneurial women?  Even if you’re content with your corporate role, this statistic suggests that corporations, wishing to retain their female talent, will need to offer more than a positive work culture and ensure they offer competitive salaries, if they want to attract and retain their top talent.   Large corporations need to offer competitive and comprehensive compensation packages – are you taking full advantage of compensation and investment opportunities?  Joining and participating in Savvy Ladies programs and events are a sure link to tap into the power of the female economy.

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