Age Proof Your Life

In this webinar, Jean Chatzky, author of the New York Times Bestseller “AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out Of Money Or Breaking A Hip“, which she co-wrote with Dr. Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic, explores the vital link between health and wealth that could add years to your life and dollars to your retirement accounts. Together, Chatzky and Dr. Roizen discovered that the same strategies you use to improve one area of your life can also improve the other. For example, both physical and financial stability come down to the same equation: Inflow versus outflow. Do you burn more calories than you consume? Are you making more money than you spend?

Chatzky details scientific ways to improve your behaviors so that you can start AgeProofing yourself today!

About Jean:

Jean Chatzky, the financial editor for NBC’s TODAY show, is an award-winning personal finance journalist, AARP’s personal finance ambassador and host of the podcast HerMoney with Jean Chatzky. Jean is also a best-selling author. Her newest book, AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip, co-authored with Dr. Michael Roizen, is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. In 2015, Jean teamed up with Time for Kids and The PwC Charitable Foundation to launch Your $, a financial literacy magazine reaching two million schoolchildren each month. She lives with her family in Westchester County, NY.

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