Three Ways to Fix Your Feedback

By: Raleigh Mayer

Some Like It Hot. No, not the summer–the Billy Wilder classic film comedy.

In the final scene, Joe E. Brown’s character said it best: “Nobody’s perfect”. So if you have recently received a performance review or employee engagement survey results, there were likely recommendations–or directives–to develop in one or more of these categories:

Executive Presence

Team Development

Strategic Communication

While we would all prefer to be flawless, personally and professionally, candid assessment or critique can lead to critical change if we are open and intentional about receiving and applying reviews. Consider three things about any criticism:

Is it true?

Can I edit, adapt, or experiment with my behaviors?

Will change create new opportunities for me and my organization?

And, if the answer to any or all of the above is yes–Call me. Before things heat up.


Known as the “Gravitas Guru”, Mayer is currently a senior fellow at the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and executive leadership, a leadership lecturer at New York University and Barnard College, and on the leadership council of the Financial Women’s Association. 

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