Your Professional Tag: The Key To Advancing Your Career

Why do you need a professional tag? To have a professional tag in today’s competitive world is to build the case for you.

A professional tag ensures an efficient strategy towards advancement together with effective self-promotion.

In this session Catarina will offer tools to build your professional tag.

You will learn how to:

  • Define your expertise and strengths

  • Identify and work toward your goal

  • Communicate your tag efficiently

  • Build and foster your own board of directors


Dr. Catarina R. Dolsten is the founder of CRDolsten LLC where she specializes in executive leadership, organizational development and change management consulting. Catarina has experience within healthcare, biotech, innovation, tech, non-profit and the financial services sectors, working with industry-leading institutions to deliver performance-based results.

Catarina provides the following services:

  • Leadership Assessment, 360-Evaluation and Development
  • C-suite Executive Coaching
  • Team Training and Development
  • EQ, Diversity, Gender and Inclusion Training
  • Development of a Sustainable and Innovative Culture
  • Organizational Assessment and Strategic Planning for Growth
  • Change Management for Organizations in Transition

Catarina received her coaching certificate from New York University. She holds a Master in Organizational Development and Change Management from the Teachers College at Columbia University. Catarina is a licensed Medical Doctor in Sweden and holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Economics, completing both at Lund’s University, Sweden