Work to World Service


This webinar allows each participant to understand how their innate abilities and talents can be used as world service. Whether it is caring for the elderly, starting your own NGO or becoming a spokesperson for a cause. It can be said that what lies within us is far greater than the challenges presented to us from the external world. Come listen, learn and consider new ways to teach and serve the globe.

Audience takeaways: Using innate skills to navigate the world of humanitarianism. Exploring your natural creativity as a catalyst to fuel world service. Becoming your own leader.

About Kompalya Thunderbird:

Kompalya Thunderbird cropped

Kompalya is a passionate speaker on Human Rights abuses. She resided in Thailand for three and half years witnessing numerous women struggle within the vicious, inhumane cycle of human trafficking. Also a former radio journalist who used the arts as an instrument for educational reform, women's initiatives and artistic advancement. She believes that our career paths and choices can be a pathway to use our greatest gifts to serve humanity.