You can Negotiate Anything


This webinar will cover everything you wanted to know about how to negotiate your salary, your rent, the fees of your personal trainer or attorney, the price of a car or air conditioner.

Topics include: 8 steps in negotiation, what to say at each step and what not to say, how to close the deal and do’s and don’ts.

About Amy:

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Amy Geffen, PhD is President and Chief Career Coach of Geffen Careers. She brings to her practice over thirty years of experience in such industries as finance, engineering, higher education, risk management, health, non-profit organizations and associations.

Amy has transitioned into four new careers with increasing levels of responsibility, so she understands the challenges people face when changing jobs and careers. She has been praised for her accomplishments in management, strategic planning, marketing, distance learning, and continuing education. She served as the President and CEO of the New York Society of Security Analysts, the Interim Executive Director of the Financial Women’s Association and the Interim Executive Director at All Souls Church in New York City.

She has been the Director of Continuing Education, Strategic Initiatives, and Volunteer Leadership at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Amy is a former Assistant Dean of Continuing Education at Westchester Community College, the Dean of Professional Development at The College of Insurance (now St. John’s University), and Director of Corporate Programs at LIU/Brooklyn Center.

She uses a 5 step process to help job seekers achieve the job of their dreams: Assessment of skills and values; Branding with pitch, cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile; Connecting through expanding networks and building relationships; Differentiating through accomplishments; and Enhancing by follow-through and compensation negotiation.

A graduate of Brooklyn College, with a Master’s Degree from Harvard University, and a PhD from New York University, she lives in Forest Hills with her husband. She enjoys making pottery, film, theatre and concerts.

Elegant Negotiation Strategies for Women: How to Negotiate Even if You Hate Confrontation

Elegant Negotiation Strategies for Women: How to Negotiate Even if You Hate Confrontation

Most people think negotiation is just for salaries, car or home purchases. Not so! When you learn the rules, you quickly realize you can negotiate anything -- landing you the best deals, the best opportunities and the inner confidence that you too can get to yes, while still being authentically yourself.

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How to Get Paid Like a Boss Lady


As a CPA who has worn many hats, Iralma Pozo has seen more salaries than she can count. Working in a male dominated environment has made her feel like a fly on the wall when male bosses and counterparts negotiate compensation for salaries and projects. Equal pay day is a constant reminder that women need to take ownership to ask upfront for what a job is worth and not just take what is offered. In this webinar, we will discuss how you can act confident and prepare yourself to negotiate a compensation package or raise. Know the value you bring to the table and get paid like a boss lady!


  • Valuing and Carrying Yourself Well

  • Preparing for the Future of Work

  • Doing Your Homework for the Job at Hand

  • Getting Paid Like a Boss Lady


  • Negotiating beyond money

  • Questions to ask yourself when considering accepting an offer

  • Doing a cost-benefit analysis can help you determine if the job is even worthy of YOU

  • Suggested further reading to help you add value to yourself, act confidently, and prioritize self-care, self-worth and net worth

About Iralma:

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Iralma Pozo is a dynamic CPA with more than 15 years of experience. She is currently an independent consultant, educator and motivator who provides value-adding services and empowerment to business owners and individuals. As a proactive professional, she brings her strong leadership to volunteer work with professional accounting organizations. Her extensive experience includes consulting with the nonprofit sector in many capacities including as a financial executive, auditor, and board member. Iralma has also built substantial experience through working for the Internal Revenue Service. These experiences also support her continued work with entrepreneurs, small businesses, real estate investors, and the insurance and entertainment sectors.

Iralma is building a practice to bring her financial acumen to companies that focus on a variety of segments that merge her personal passion and professional expertise. These areas include Culture and the Arts, Health and Wellness, and consumer products in beauty, accessories and gifts. Through effective consulting and advisory, Iralma will help these companies run more efficiently and use technology and innovation to build wellness on an individual and global level. Iralma educates college students, business leaders and individuals on how to think as leaders, adapt to change, collaborate and innovate to be successful and well balanced in all areas of their careers and personal lives. She also teaches them how to have a good foundation in accounting so that they can meet their goals and realize their dreams.