Happily Moneyed


How to Manage Your Brain So You Can Feel Better About Money and Have a Blissful Married Life

In this presentation, we’ll

  • Identify the one key reason why couples fight about money – and what to do about it

  • Discuss tips on how to reach your financial goals, even if you and your spouse do not see eye to eye

  • Review practical tips you can start doing regularly to start to feel better about money.

About Jennifer:

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Jennifer Faherty is a CFP®, Certified Life Coach and Founder of Financial Wealth-being. After a decade of working at traditional wealth management firms and helping clients with their personal finances, she saw how saving in 401(k)s, sticking to a budget and making sure your portfolio was diversified could only get you so far. Instead, the missing piece for achieving true financial freedom and wealth lies in changing one’s core beliefs around money. With this key knowledge, Jennifer teaches clients around the country on how to intentionally create new money thoughts to create a wealthier, healthier life. She specializes in helping moms make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families, as well as couples on how to communicate more effectively about money. Visit financialwealthbeing.com.

Rewrite Your Money Story, Change Your Life


Do you tell yourself money stories? Is there a little voice in your head saying “you’re no good with money,” or “you’re not capable of getting a handle on your finances,” or “you’ll never manage to save enough”?

Negative, demoralizing stories like these can keep you from living a happy, healthy financial life. But positive money stories can inspire you to take essential steps toward financial wellbeing.

Kelley Holland, an award-winning New York Times/Business Week/CNBC business and personal finance journalist turned money coach, will help you change your money story and embark on a new financial life. She’ll also share practical tips and suggestions for jumpstarting your journey.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A new, empowering money story for yourself

  • Clarity about your dreams and financial goals

  • Four money moves that will launch your financial transformation!

About Kelley:

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Kelley Holland is the founder of Own Your Destiny Coaching, a life and money coaching practice. She empowers her clients, most of them women, to realize their dreams by transforming their relationship to money. Through workshops and one-on-one coaching, she helps clients conquer their money gremlins, develop financial confidence, and build healthier money habits so they can achieve financial wellbeing.  

Kelley became a coach after two decades as an award-winning business and personal finance journalist with The New York Times, Business Week, CNBC, Money magazine, and more. Earlier, she was a securities analyst for a top Wall Street firm. She is passionate about helping women find their strengths, engage with their finances, and take charge of their money lives so they can achieve their goals.

One of Kelley’s strong suits is her ability to de-mystify and explain financial concepts in clear, accessible terms. Workshop participants and clients who have worked with Kelley describe her as “an excellent coach and workshop leader” and “smart, knowledgeable, attentive, thoughtful, and witty.”

Kelley graduated from Amherst College and has a graduate business degree from the Yale School of Management. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst. She also holds an advanced diploma in coaching from New York University and is a certified positive psychology coach. She lives with her husband and children in northern New Jersey where she enjoys tough workouts, thought-provoking books, and quality chocolate.