Stock Market 101: Understanding the Basics of Stocks and the Stock Market


What really is a stock?

Iseult Conlin, CFA, explains the basics of the stock market.

She will help you understand:

  • What a stock is

  • Why the price of a stock changes

  • How it trades

  • How the stock market works

  • Why investing in stocks is important

  • Stock market jargon and what it means

About Iseult Conlin:

Iseult is a bond trader for one of the largest buy-side asset management firms in the world and is responsible for US Dollar Investment Grade Fixed Income Credit Trading. Ms. Conlin earned a BA degree in economics and psychology magna cum laude from New York University.

One more fact you should know about Iseult is that at age 17 she walked into a local brokerage office and bought her first stock. Her passion and knowledge of the market started earlier than most.