Powerful Asking to Get What You Want


What responses do you typically experience when you make a request for help, support or influence, personally or professionally? Is your network delivering the resources you need? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to ask specifically and powerfully for more consistent Yeses. Discover how to curate your networks proactively in order to reach your current goals.

  • Clarify what you want specifically before asking, especially after a transition or loss

  • Learn how to make each ask a win-win, so people want to say Yes consistently

  • Rebuild your networks proactively in the context of including people who can provide the support and resources you need to thrive

About Alison:

Alison Pena cropped.png

Alison Pena aka Bad Widow is a consultant, speaker and author, living in NYC. She became a primary caregiver during her husband’s 11-month battle with pancreatic cancer and a widow, when he died in her arms at home in 2016. Alison learned to live fearlessly in the face of death. She discovered how to move through grief, reclaim autonomy, reinvent herself, and rebuild her networks back to life, work and even love.

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