Break Bad Money Habits in Time for the Holidays


In this workshop you'll learn how to get a hold of your finances so you can manage your holiday spending and have a better relationship with money.

This workshop is for you if you...

-Stress out about losing control of your finances over the holidays -Feel like you never have enough and are tired of not knowing where your money goes -Sometimes feel guilty when you spend or you sometimes spend emotionally

About Jill Beirne Davi:

Jill Beirne

Jill is a personal finance coach and long time friend of Savvy Ladies.

Jill specializes in helping women quickly get a hold of their finances and encourages us to change our relationship with money.


Jillian Beirne

Jillian Beirne Davi is a Financial Turnaround expert and the founder of Abundant Finances, a service that helps you get yourself out of debt and start amassing abundant savings in record time (without deprivation or eating cat food for dinner).   After digging herself out of $30,000 in debt and saving tens of thousands of dollars, she decided to share her strategies with others who struggle in this area.  Turns out:  They work! The Abundant Finances community continues to grow with conscious women who are committed to making RADICAL changes in their financial lives.   For more helpful money strategies to turn your finances around, visit and sign up for the high-content, high value FREE newsletter today!