Essential Tools for Designing Your 'What Next'


Use Change and Uncertainty to Live Your Best Life

This session is about designing the “what next” each time you face life changing events. Along with the discomfort and confusion that comes with change there are powerful opportunities to harness the momentum and design what comes next.

We will cover three tools developed over our twenty years of research and experience with life transition planning.

Universal basics we all need to know about transitions to help us safely move from 'what was to what will be'

Tool #1 Three-step Mindset Reset to harness resilience and resources

Tool #2 Three Transition Questions to help you get on the balcony to see the big picture before you jump into action and make decisions

Tool #3 Decision Free Zone exercise to sort and prioritize commitments, decisions and action

About Susan:

Susan Bradley_cropped.png

Susan Bradley, CFP®, CeFT® is the founder of the Sudden Money® Institute (, which began 17 years ago as a community of practice seeking to better serve their financial planning clients by developing process and tools for the personal side of money and for clients going through transitions. This think tank created the Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®) designation, and a division for training and certification called the Financial Transitionist® Institute. Susan has served on the FPA’sNational Board of Directors, she currently sits on the National Football League’s Players Association’s Financial Education Advisory Board, and she serves as the Dean of Transitions for the Council of Deans of the Purposeful Planning Institute. She is seen and heard frequently in the national media, including NBC’s Nightly News, CNN, NPR, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. She is the author of Sudden Money: Managing a Financial Windfall (Wiley 2000), and her TEDx Wilmington Women talk is called, “Change launches you into the next great chapter of your life, whether you like it or not.” It can be found at:

She is the recipient of the Insiders Forum Iconoclast Award 2017.

Special Needs Students: Transitioning from High School to College - What to know when your child goes to college


Under federal and state laws, children with learning disabilities in school receive accommodations, longer times to take exams, paid services, etc. When they graduate and go to college, the law changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Learn about the financial ramifications of college special needs accommodations and how to advocate for your college student and teach them to advocate for themselves in college. Presented by Donna Drumm, an attorney, adjunct professor at Mercy College and Certified Americans with Disabilities Advocate

By attending this webinar you will gain a deeper understanding of:
I. The legal differences of high school accommodations and college accommodations
II. The financial differences of high school accommodations and college accommodations
III. College Student’s Rights & Responsibilities
In these different phases of attending college

  • School search, School selection, applying for accommodations, continuing the process after admission, enforcing accommodations, grievance procedures

IV. College’s responsibilities toward student

  • Cannot discriminate during the application process
  • Accommodations requirements and review
  • Office of Accessibility

About Donna:

Donna Drumm.png

Donna Drumm is the principal of DrummAdvocacy. ( Her civil rights practice is devoted to assisting court users, students and hospital patients with obtaining accommodations for their visible and invisible disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act. She is an adjunct professor at Mercy College presenting coursework in the Masters of Health program. She also teaches Civil Litigation and Law Office Management courses to students in Mercy’s paralegal program.
Ms. Drumm’s passion for serving persons with invisible disabilities began when she met her realtor (Ms. C), who was being sued by a state security commission for $1.25 million dollars. The fine was incurred by her ex-husband who was imprisoned for his participation in a Ponzi scheme. “During her seven-year legal ordeal, I observed this vibrant and intelligent woman suffer bouts of depression and PTSD before court hearings and after court hearings which rendered her unable to get out of bed for weeks.” Ms. C. emerged victoriously and was released from the $1.25 million fine. Still suffering from her disabilities, she fought to change the law which resulted in severing liability for an for ex-spouse to pay fines for the wrongdoings of a former spouse. And she won!
“Seeing first hand the devastation a court case can have on a person’s emotional state, I searched for a body of law that would support litigants’ well-being during the litigation process. “ Ms. Drumm found Dr. Karin Huffer, author of “Unlocking Justice” which explained the bridge of the Americans with Disabilities Act and courtroom accommodations. Ms. Drumm completed her certificate as an Americans with Disabilities Advocate in 2014. Her advocacy practice was published in the September 2016 edition of the New York State Bar Association’s Bar Journal. She has spoken on ADA Advocacy at Mercy College, before the New York State Bar Association at its annual meeting in 2017 and for the Westchester Women’s Bar Association.
As an associate at the law firm of Boies, Schiller & Flexner, she worked on international cases in antitrust, products liability, bankruptcy and other civil litigation in federal and state courts throughout the United States. Her affiliation with bar associations became professional when she joined the staff of the Westchester County Bar Association as the CLE & Publications Director and then Executive Director until 2014. Her experience in running her practice began in 2008, Discoverlaw and as of 2015 DrummAdvocacy.
Professional Affiliations
COPAA, member, 2017
Disability Rights Bar Association, Member, 2017
New Orleans Bar Association
New York State Bar Association
American Bar Association
Federal Bar Council
Westchester Women’s Bar Association
Westchester County Bar Association (former Executive Director) ; present attorney member
Ms. Drumm is admitted to practice in New York State and the United States Supreme Courts. She is a certified Americans with Disabilities Advocate.

Estate Planning: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family


Learn how to make sure your kids are taken care of no matter what, how to protect your children's inheritance from bankruptcy, lawsuits, and divorce, and how to ensure your assets go to your heirs and not the government or lawyers.

About Laura:

laura cowan.JPG

Attorney Laura Cowan’s estate planning practice focuses on helping families enhance their lives today and secure their futures tomorrow. She excels in guiding her clients through the often-confusing maze of financial and legal decisions to create plans that ensure the well-being of their families and the accomplishment of cherished family goals. Her considerable legal expertise includes family protection, wealth preservation, and values-based planning, as well as planning strategies for unmarried couples and divorced individuals.

Whether you are married or single, with a traditional family or blended one, just starting out or looking back on a life well-lived, Laura will help you craft a plan that achieves your goals for your loved ones today and in the years to follow.

Laura is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School. As a first-year law student, Laura won the prestigious Best Oralist Award. She was an Associate Editor on the Journal of Law & Inequality and a recipient of the L. Charles and Lillian Gay Endowment Fund Scholarship. Laura was President and Founding Member of the Business Law Association. Laura also interned for The Honorable Joan N. Ericksen, District Judge, District of Minnesota during her second year of law school. Laura is licensed to practice law in both Minnesota and New York.

Prior to opening her own practice, Laura was an associate attorney at an estate planning firm where she represented high-net-worth families. A former CPA with experience at both Ernst & Young and Goldman Sachs, Laura is uniquely qualified to guide her clients through the financial aspects of estate planning.

A frequent speaker at parents’ groups, churches, and businesses in the New York City area, Laura enjoys educating her community. Laura has chosen Trusts and Estates as her sole area of practice because she wants to focus entirely on helping families create a happy and secure future.

The Nuts & Bolts of a Startup - Legal Issues to Consider


In this webinar you will receive a practical introduction to Entity Selection and Formation

Are you interested in starting your own business? Have you considered which entity or structure best suits your needs?

Sole Proprietorship


Limited Liability Company

S Corporation

C Corporation

  • Compare and contrast the entity structures
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each such structure
  • Discuss how the advantages and disadvantages can shape your choice-of-entity
  • Discuss the standard operating agreement and basic terms to include
  • Discuss managerial rights including
  1. Voting
  2. Governance
  3. Control structures (including consents and tie-breaker arrangements)
  • Exit Strategy

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Jacques cropped.jpg

Jennifer is a Managing Attorney at Jacques & Associates.

Jennifer represents clients in a full range of venture capital and private equity investments, securities transactions, and other complex and general corporate matters. Her work has touched on numerous market sectors, including technology, financial services, advertising, media, fashion and energy.

Jennifer has been particularly active in venture capital work, where she has served as outside general counsel to several venture-backed companies and has advised numerous women- and minority-owned and led businesses. She also has significant experience in drafting and negotiating license and commercial agreements including software, technology, trademark, design and patent licenses.

Prior to private practice, Jennifer had a multifaceted career as an attorney. Jennifer began her legal career as an Assistant District Attorney. While there, she worked on complex White Collar Felony Cases and Violent Felony Cases.

Jennifer then accepted an offer with the Law Firm of Shaw & Associates. As an Associate, she worked in the Corporate Litigation division where she honed her skills on federal regulations and banking laws. She also provided legal advice regarding fiduciary obligations, federal regulations and risk management / prevention measures to investment firms, small to midsized banks, fortune 500 companies and small businesses.

Jennifer then shifted gears and accepted a position as Assistant General Counsel, Vice President at JPMorgan Chase where she worked in the Litigation Division. While there, she was selected to spearhead a small unit with a focus on Money Laundering involving pre---paid cards and the Mexican Black Pesos Market. Jennifer was able to work cross functionally within the different units and consulted with Global Security and Investigations, Treasury Securities Services and Global Financial Crimes.

Business Opportunities for Women: Is Franchising a Good Fit?


Aspire to own a business and need an idea or direction? Want a risk-resistant, ready-made formula to attain entrepreneurial success? Learn about the options through this, FREE, informational webinar from Savvy Ladies.

See if franchise ownership is right for you. Industry specialists will detail franchising’s basics, bust its myths and address how it can suit YOU!

Franchising encompasses 3,400 concepts across 90+ industries, and 30% require less than a $100k total investment! Moreover, several can be pursued on a semi-absentee basis. Going beyond burgers/donuts, we’ll discuss:

  • Business ownership models compared
  • Franchise ownership rewards and risks
  • Best opportunities (full/part-time)
  • Best practices for researching
  • Low cost options/financing vehicles

Women represent one of the fastest growing segments of franchise ownership. Find out why, and learn to see whether a franchise opportunity may be for you, including in such areas as: Consulting, Education, Event Planning, Fitness/Wellness, Health & Beauty, Pets, Technology and more.

About Frank:


FranNet is franchising’s oldest and most recognizable coaching outfit. Frank Dunne is an area owner, who helps entrepreneurs, executives-in-transition and others explore franchised business ownership, providing counsel on the benefits, costs, and risks of owning a franchised business. Clients are coached through a robust research, and selection process in a safe and professional environment, being navigated through a maze of leading franchise concepts. Utilizing cutting-edge profiling, and 1:1 consultative processes, Mr. Dunne helps match leading franchises that best fit each client's goals, skills, and interests on a no-cost/no-risk basis.

Compromise Elsewhere! Adjust your thinking quickly to increase your confidence and radically change the way you live


Are you considering a major change in your career or going through something outside of your comfort zone? Are you afraid of making the dumbest move ever? If so, this is an experience we can all relate to! This type of fear can keep us stuck where we are and miss meaningful progress towards our goals. Have you ever felt your efforts that worked before are not working anymore? Or, maybe the momentum you had in your life has suddenly disappeared and now you feel like you lost your way. Finding the strength and courage to keep going isn’t always easy. 

What if I told you that there are a couple of ways to help you gain a different perspective, giving you a better chance to achieve the success you are looking for? 

This is exactly what you will learn in this webinar. I will share with you some simple and effective methods to live life on your terms.


  • Taking charge of your negative beliefs: How to break those patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck from making meaningful progress towards your goals and aspirations.
  • Standing in your full power: Simple and effective ways for helping you to move forward confidently by operating in your full power and bringing the results you desire.
  • Taking Action: How to develop a healthy appetite for risk and be comfortable with the uncomfortable that makes you come alive!


About Carol:

In a career distinguished by trailblazing, tenacity and visionary leadership, Carol has been an influential keynote speaker to over 65 companies across life science, education, nonprofit, technology, and finance sectors, sharing new and compelling information, and inspiring companies to seize leading edge opportunities.

A corporate career at Pfizer has taken her to 25 countries across six continents, giving her a strong global perspective on digital consumer trends and solutions. She’s held senior roles in technology for RXotOTC Switch, Marketing and Digital Marketing businesses, and as a founder of digitalwitt, she brings a unique attitude, perspective and approach in developing powerful digital strategies for diverse clients and consults businesses on aligning their brands with the digital culture and leveraging emerging platforms. She won’t go on here about all she has done, because she likes to boil it down to a few words: Inspiration. Creativity. Action.

An avid curiosity for anything digital, her love for people and culture, Carol is the gal who people go to help them create transformative ideas that empowers people.