• February 2017

Dominate Your Debt: How to Take Control, Owe Less, and Live More in 2017 with Rebecca Eve Selkowe Debt is the #1 obstacle to financial freedom for most women. But it can be conquered! How? By confronting it consciously and consistently. This dynamic, interactive workshop will set you up for success and make 2017 the year you finally look your debt straight in the eye and say, "I WILL NOT HAVE THIS."

  • January 2017

Creating Your Financial Success for 2017 with Stacy Francis Attend this free workshop and get advice from an expert. Join Certified Financial Planner™, Stacy Francis, who will help you focus on your finances and get clear about your goals and how to achieve them.

  • September 2016

The Long Term Care Dilemma – Changes in Long Term Care Planning That Can Affect You with Natalie Karp and Rona Loshak We will be discussing The facts of the Long Term Care Dilemma- Longevity ( especially for women), family dynamics, limited government programs and the true cost of self-insuring. We will then discuss the new Long Term Care Insurance landscape including the myriad of options in today’s marketplace including standalone, hybrid and life with LTC riders. Included will be government tax incentives, best timing and insurability for best value

  • June 2016

Work from Strength: Tools for Building the Life and Career you Deserve with David V. Post and Dr. Carolyn AlRoy In this seminar designed to provide women with resources for success, seasoned business coaches David Post and Dr. Carolyn AlRoy teach women how to articulate their strengths, identify weaknesses, and capitalize on that awareness to achieve their goals

  • April 2016

Confident Salary Negotiation with Lena Beck Rorvig and Laura Espriu, bragging for women In this highly interactive workshop you will get tools for what to prepare, what to do and say when you get a counter-argument and how to make negotiating your salary a natural part of your career

  • March 2016

If Your Wallet Were a Fitness Tracker – Would you be achieving your goals? Panel Discussion with Mandi Woodruff, Personal Finance Correspondent for Yahoo Finance, Nikki Singh, Director of Campus Relations at CommonBond, Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Motivational Speaker and Coach, and Carrie Pink, Financial Lifestyle Blogger Fitness trackers are everywhere these days. What about tracking the other significant areas of your life --financial, educational and career goals? A panel discussion of industry experts cover the unique challenges young professionals face to staying on track with these significant areas, including balancing tough financial choices, avoiding the debt trap, and achieving your career goals.

  • February 2016

Savvy Investing – Partner Event with United Women in Business and Stern Women in Business with Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFA™ Get tips on financial goal-setting and why it is important, how to analyze your spending and improve your monthly budget, the time vs. money equation to get the most value, and best practices for a secure financial future.

  • January 2016

The Money Ménage À Trois: How To Prevent Your Relationship with Money From Hurting Every Area Of Your Life with Robyn Crane, CFP®, TV and Radio Personality The quality of your relationship with money, determines the quality of your life now and in the future. Understand how to improve your relationship with money, so you can better every area of your life.

  • April 2015

Savvy Investing: How to Grow Your Net Worth and Secure Your Financial Future with Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFA™ Learn the essentials of investing and saving to achieve a more joyful and prosperous life.

  • September 2014

Your Retirement Plan with Ed Slott, “America’s IRA Expert” Knowing the best strategies for keeping the money you earned needs to be part of your retirement plan. Learn the steps necessary to maximize your retirement savings now and forever.

  • June 2014

3 Keys to Stepping into your Value, your Confidence, and True Success with Ivy Slater, Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and Solo-Practitioners Together, we will create a confidence building strategy: a plan that brings value to both your business and yourself, discuss understanding the value of staying true to your integrity, and create a financial plan that coincides with your business and life goals.

  • April 2014

Working to Close the Gender Gap in Financial Literacy Panel Discussion
Moderator: Diane King Hall, Business Anchor/Reporter at NY1
Panel: Jennifer Barrett, CNBC Digital Personal Finance Editor;
Ebong Eka, author and small business expert;
and Lisa Scherzer, Yahoo Finance Personal Finance Editor

  • February 2014

Networking & Speed Financial Strategies – Partner Event with New York Life Topics include the “Kept me up all night” financial concerns: “I’m in debt! How do I get out?” “How can I save for retirement? If so, what are my retirement savings options?” “How can I budget and still afford to live in the expensive NYC area?” “What type of insurance do I need to have to protect my family and myself?” “Am I saving enough for myself or my kids’ college education?” and “Can I afford to buy a home?”