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The Mission Of Savvy Ladies ... Empowering Women Through Financial Education

Savvy Ladies teaches women about personal finances in an authentic way that encourages them to take control of their financial future. With Savvy Ladies’ education, women learn how to make proactive choices about their finances, identify their life goals, and move toward a more rich and rewarding life. Savvy Ladies provides seminars, webinars, workshops, and hotlines that encourages networking amongst women, and creates a secure forum for women to ask financially-related questions. Savvy Ladies is not associated with another organization. It is totally independent, so women know they get unbiased education about their finances.

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Through our FREE programming and resources we have empowered women across a spectrum of ages, income levels, ethnic backgrounds and life experiences. Here are a few savvy ladies that would like to express in their own words, the ways in which their lives have been impacted by Savvy Ladies’ mission.





The History Of Savvy Ladies

Stacy Francis founded Savvy Ladies as a non-profit organization in February 2003 after getting a CFP® certification from the New York University Center for Finance, Law and Taxation. “I wanted to change the way women think and educate themselves about money, after witnessing a female family member become a victim of physical abuse and rendered powerless by financial instability. Working in the financial industry, I was continually coming across women whose lack of financial well-being made them vulnerable to a range of emotional, personal, and financial consequences. All women, even from the most varied backgrounds, need to learn how to take control of their own finances in order to attain economic self-sufficiency and the life they envision for themselves.”

The Need For Savvy Ladies

Financial instability is a gender-wide problem; one that is not specific to geography, culture, or even economic background. Many women are raised to believe they do not need to take care of their own finances. Numerous studies, however, indicate that living without financial awareness leaves women particularly vulnerable regardless of marital status. In August 2006, an Allianz Life Insurance Company survey revealed that 90% of women feel somewhat or not at all financially secure. Almost half the women in the study said they have a fear of losing all their money and becoming a homeless bag lady.

Savvy Ladies is committed to changing these statistics. With the help of Savvy Ladies, women start making their own choices about money. They learn the importance of financial planning so they can protect themselves against economic hardship and proactively build a stable future to ensure a rewarding and productive life for themselves and for their families.

During its ten-year existence, Savvy Ladies has helped over 10,000 women on their way towards financial freedom. The Savvy Ladies programs and services are making a profound and long-lasting impact on the lives of women who participate in the seminars, webinars, workshops, and helpline. Savvy Ladies’ education is about more than teaching participants to balance their checkbooks. It’s about making families stronger, communities better and ultimately changing society.

Savvy Ladies Overview of Programs & Services

Savvy Ladies offers a wide range of programs and services. These include live seminars, webinars, workshops, a helpline, and newsletters. The programs and services are open to women and men free of charge, but they focus primarily on women who can’t afford to have their own financial planner or take benefit from fee-based advice in the private sector.

  • Financial Fitness Helpline: The Savvy Ladies Helpline is a free resource offered to women who are in need of guidance regarding their personal finances. The Helpline supports women by arranging a telephone consultation with a financial expert to assist them with their specific financial situation. Savvy Ladies staff review each request and match each caller with a financial expert from our community of pro bono volunteers. Of course, all helpline conversations are strictly confidential.
  • Seminars, Webinars & Events: Savvy Ladies’ seminars and webinars have guest speakers presenting on financially related topics such as budgeting, investing, taxes, debt, entrepreneurship, home purchasing, and retirement. They also cover important life topics that affect women such as work/life balance, time management, and fashion. Speakers are chosen from among the top experts in the industry. Seminars and workshops are held in New York City and are open to the general public. Webinars are available to women in all geographic areas. Even fundraising events have an educational component offering real time advice from top financial and prosperity gurus coupled with silent auctions and entertainment.
  • Workshops: Workshops are designed to give a more personal approach to financial training. Workshops are limited to 15 women so that all the participants receive individual guidance from the instructor. Each workshop consists of 2-hour weekly sessions held over a 3-week period so that a topic can be explored in-depth and applied to each person’s personal situation. Workshops cover a range of personal finances such as investing and home purchasing. The secure and intimate environment offered in these workshops allows women to ask questions that they would not ask at their local banks or in the human resources office of their companies.

Examples of Past Speakers & Topics:

  • Mike Michalowicz - Simple Ways to Lead An Industry
  • Farnoosh Torabi - Savvy Money Management
  • Jack Otter - Do This/Not That - Your Financial Do's and Don'ts
  • Joe Nunziata - Financial Karma buster
  • Suparna Bhasin - Creating Abundance Around Your Passions and Purpose
  • Erika Miller – Master the Secrets of Internet Shopping
  • Carmen Wong Ulrich – The Real Cost of Living
  • MP Dunleavey – Money Anxieties

Savvy Ladies Funding

Savvy Ladies programs and services have been sustained through a combination of individual and in-kind donations, fundraisers, and small business/product sponsors.