Health & Your Money

Advancing Women’s Health & Money Strategies for Lifetime Wellbeing

Let’s talk about your physical & mental health and how money and financial literacy is critical in navigating your health care strategy now and into the future should a health crisis occur.  Are you prepared to care for yourself, your family? What are the newest health options & can you afford them?  With the growth in telehealth, and more and more accessible ways to learn and engage with experts for wellness, mindfulness, and therapy online, you now have multiple choices to establish a health routine.  Preparing a health plan for yourself today so to be ready for any future needs is critical.  Suzie Orman who recently faced a health scare shared, “You have to face your fears,” said Orman. “Fear, shame, and anger are the three things that keep you from having more.”  Learn with the Savvy Ladies experts and be prepared. Check out Jean Chatzky’s webinar, Age Proof Your Life, and hear her explore the vital connection between your health & your wealth that will add years to your life and your retirement accounts. 

5 Affordable Beauty Tips for Summer

By: Tori Lutz Everyone wants to look their best, particularly during summer months when you get to show some skin. Fancy beauty treatments that help you get to that goal look can get quite expensive, though, if you don’t budget wisely and find some ways to save money...

Rewire Your Brain For Success

By: Laura BergerDo you feel like bad habits and negative thought patterns are holding you back at work? The good news is that you can eliminate them by activating your brain’s delete button. Using neuroplasticity, you can rewire your brain by changing your behavior,...