Debt Management

What is debt? Debt is carrying over a balance on a credit card from one month to the next. Also, a car loan and a mortgage are considered debt. When you pay less than the minimum payment and miss a payment, penalties usually occur, and this can lead to mounting debt consequences. When debt gets beyond your control, setting a debt management payment plan will help get you back on track.

Financial planning and budgeting are critical steps in planning your debt management strategy.

Savvy Ladies webinars, blog articles, and 1:1 Mentoring can help get you started understanding your debt and what strategies are right for you.

Top articles to read about Debt & Credit

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Gathering and Leveraging Resources

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Credit Card Finance Charge Calculator

Here’s how to get started taking control of your credit cards during the coronavirus. Put a list together of all your credit cards that have a balance due Document the balance of each card and its Annual Percentage Rate (APR) (the % of the interest you are charged for...

Webinars on Debt Management

5 Tips for Surviving Grey Divorce in Retirement

By: Michelle Petrowski Buonincontri, CFP®, CDFA A late-life divorce can wreak havoc on even the most well-thought-out retirement plan. You were happy “once upon a time” and planned a future…. Now you’re 55 and getting a divorce.  Or maybe you’re 60 or even in your...