What Every Women Needs to Know About Budgeting, Savings & Debt

A budget is an essential part of your personal financial well-being. Knowing your monthly income and expenses creates mindfulness around your money. Use this budgeting worksheet to keep track of your income and expenses. We encourage you to check in with yourself to see how you are doing and readjust as needed.

Debt and credit. Home and auto purchases. Paying yourself first. Smart budgeting and spending to create financial freedom. 

Do You Need Budgeting Help? 

The Savvy Ladies Free Financial Helpline will match you with a pro bono financial advisor to help you get started and answer your budgeting questions.

Use our Savvy Ladies budget spreadsheet to get started to help you identify & personalize your budget to fit your lifestyle! And get matched with a financial advisor to guide you and work with you to create a workable budget that suits your need today.  Visit the Savvy Ladies Helpline, click here.

Blog articles on Budgeting

How to Save Even When You Don’t Think You Can

By: Ashley Patrick Sometimes it can feel like the world is against us and no matter what we do, we can’t seem to get ahead. Every time we try to save money, something “pops” up that we didn’t think about or plan for. Even though it can feel like no matter what we do,...

3 Places to Save Money Around the Holidays

You know the holidays are right around the corner and you should begin your festive budgeting sooner rather than later for the next three months. However, if you’re like most of us, the prospect of limiting your spending the next few months can come as a bit of a...

Further Faster Financially

By: Daniel G. Mazzola A 2019 Federal Reserve survey reported 4 of 10 Americans do not have enough cash to cover an unexpected $400 expense.  The COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult for people who have lost a job and are living from paycheck to paycheck,...

Your Budgeting Worksheet

With this easy to use DIY budget worksheet you can start tracking your earnings and your spending, be mindful about your money and make better decisions that will lead to financial stability. Start gaining control by routinely checking back on just that one spreadsheet…and the best part is that your privacy is protected since the budgeting spreadsheet resides in your drive, so you don’t have to share any information with anyone.

Creating a financial emergency plan in response to COVID-19

Balancing and understanding how to be savvy about juggling your money is essential in today’s climate when many businesses may be offering extensions to the monthly payments. Knowing what questions to ask, how to ask and confirming is going to be important and help...

Financial Wellness Checkup: How Healthy Are You?

Adapted from an article by Stacy Francis Especially in this tumultuous time, it's important to not only check up on your physical health, but your financial health as well. Use this checklist to make sure your finances are healthy.Do You…Use a budget: Such benefits...

Webinars on Budgeting
Your Money Profile During the Pandemic

Your Money Profile During the Pandemic

This webinar is about looking at your financial behavior and how the blend of personalities is showing up during these financially stressful times. First, we will discuss the five money personalities. Then we will talk about how each is reacting to the pandemic....

The Secret to Overcoming Scarcity

The Secret to Overcoming Scarcity

Key takeaways: The difference between a scarcity mindset and a prosperity mindset Key indicators for resetting your mind when scarcity arises Steps for reducing your money fears A money management "zone" tool for ensuring you’re in a good place with your money Listen...