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Get Divorce Savvy: Untangling your Financial Assets

Learn about your Statement of Net Worth. What happens when your spouse doesn’t turn over the documents or does not share all the assets? What are Hidden Gems you can convert to cash? Can I sell the Engagement Ring?

Get Divorce Savvy: Creating Your Own Savvy Business & Career

Divorced women are more likely to be in poverty and receive public assistance than their male counterparts. In order to face the challenge of living on one income, women need to become fearless and discover ways to leverage their talents that further their careers so if divorce happens, they are prepared to live on one income.

Get Success Savvy: When Women Lead

Join the first panel of our brand new Get Success Savvy series, When Women Lead: How to inspire change, build talent, create a path for advancement and make a lasting impact. Listen to exceptional panelists share lessons learned, leadership perspectives, tools, and motivational insight to achieve personal and financial career success. Moderator:  Lauren Young, Editor, […]

Get Success Savvy: The Power of Your Own FAB (Female Advisory Board)

Most companies have a group of people that serve as “advisory board members”. Their role is to help provide guidance, recommendations, and insights on a variety of key topics in order to ultimately produce better results for that firm. So why shouldn’t we apply that same strategy to ourselves as women in the workforce! And […]

Get Divorce Savvy Panel: The Art of the Pre-Nup + Legacy Planning

Jan 12th 2023 Get Divorce Savvy Panel Series:  The Art of the Pre-Nup + Legacy Planning with Stacy Francis and Lisa Zeiderman. Join the conversation lead by our Savvy experts and start talking about your views on money. Understand what happens with the premarital property. Will it remain separate or be joint? What about student […]


Get Divorce Savvy Panel: Understanding Your Net Worth & Financial Assets

Jan 19th Get Divorce Savvy Series Panel: Understanding Your Net Worth & Financial Assets Join the discussion and learn from our expert panelists. What is your statement of net worth? How to figure it out and untangle your financial assets from your spouses. Register for this free virtual event here:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcqf-6rqTIsGtAP1YelEW31ZGj4RlpA0TFC