Want To Take Your Success to the Next Level? Think Collaboratively in the New, New Economy

by Janet Wise

Picture this, you're reading your local news, Financial Times, or the WSJ and the article is highlighting the success of somebody you know, somebody who has gone further, faster, toward YOUR dream of success.  Instead of saying... “..that proves it can be done, or well done -  how can I add to that fabulous idea, often times our competitive thinking jumps in first to say, "That $%@!  she will succeed instead of me! 

So, what should a Savvy Lady do? 

Begin by changing your thinking.  That [old] way of thinking about your competition is so 2008- back then it was about crushing your competition because otherwise how would you get your piece of the pie?  Not the approach to attracting success in the new, new economy. 

Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity.
— Goethe

Part of what keeps people from reaching the next level of success or from implementing their ideas, is because they are still trying to re-enter their same field, grow their business or career in the same old ways; they are beating their heads against the wall repeating old tactics that no longer work. 

 Hello, you had me at Collaboration!

The way we do business, any business, is changing. Are you ready for the coming economic shift in how you'll conduct your business going forward?  The days (and ways) of doing business via simply supplying your clients with the right information, at the right price, are gone.   The new social era is made up of consumers that are smarter and they are looking for smarter suppliers.   One of the most impactful ways to embrace this new era is finding intelligent and empathetic businesses and individuals.   Seek out those that can deliver innovative, one stop shopping solutions, through collaborative “partnerships”.  The power of collective wisdom should never be underestimated! No one is creating success in a vacuum and you shouldn’t either.

Collaboration should be a main ingredient added to your success mix.  If you want build your wealth, expand your financial acumen, grow your customer base, manage your team more effectively – and more, you should be seeking out collaborative partners that will can allow all stakeholders to capitalize.   Investing time to find the right collaborators is worth it.  Apply the same principles and perform the same due diligence identifying the right collaborative partners, as you would to diversifying your portfolio.  Knowledge is power and applying it collaboratively can have your return on investment increase exponentially.