Happy New Year – 2011 THE YEAR OF INTENTION

by Janet Wise

Welcome 2011!

As we begin the new year, now's a great time to:

  1. Wipe the slate clean.
  2. Focus upon what you really want.
  3. Chart your course, financially and otherwise.


Well... only if you want to risk having to repeat these steps for the same wishes next year! Maybe this is splitting hairs, but here's an intentional alternative:

1. Give thanks that life is... just as it is (and that it's been... just as it's been). Because of it, you're now "READY."

2. Define what you want in terms of the end result. Don't worry about the hows, or even the course. KNOW that what you want is ALREADY yours in spirit, by divine LAW, just focus on the certainty of this ownership, understand it, claim it, and "it will be on earth, as it is in heaven (spirit)."  Be specific about the outcomes and THINK BIG! That is don’t simply say you want “more money”, get specific, if you want to catch up your 401K contributions – what is the amount?  Do you want to invest 500.00 more per month or save a total of 5,000.00 each quarter?

3. LET THE UNIVERSE show you the way via your impulses and instincts that appear as you take inspired action. Don't worry that your first steps seem silly or futile. And if you don't know what to do, do anything except consider working with a financial planner, attend a Savvy ladies financial course online and or identify a qualified life or career coach to get the clarity and support you need!

Go! Get busy! Do not insist on intermediary successes, only upon the end result.  

Whether your focus is financial fitness, career fitness, or health fitness…Set the intention for tomorrow TODAY!


Janet Wise

Janet has a Masters Degree in HR Development, and is a successful corporate Learning & Development expert responsible for designing, leading and managing global leadership development programs at Fortune 500 companies, with more than fifteen years experience helping top corporate executives become more effective in their business and personal lives.