Three Mistakes to Avoid Before Tying the Knot So You Can Live Happily Ever After


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Audience members will enjoy an interactive talk that will leave them inspired and optimistic that they can have their happily ever after, despite the looming divorce statistics. They will discover what is possible for them and how getting these skills will enable them to have better and stronger relationships with their partner in marriage.


About Sabra:

Sabra R. Sasson is an attorney and mediator practicing in New York City. She is the founder and Principal of Sabra Law Group, PLLC, a mediation and law practice in midtown Manhattan that offers legal and mediation services to its clients. Sabra handles the legal aspects of major life transitions—buying or selling property, planning for marriage or getting divorced—and protects her clients’ interests so they can focus on their evolution into this new life change. For couples embarking on marriage, she helps them protect accumulated assets and create a plan for building assets, wealth and valuables in the future. She is a proponent of prenuptial as well as postnuptial agreements because she believes that people are smart when they make the critical life decision to marry and she helps her clients get clear about managing finances as a couple, including how to talk about it with their partner. This enables her clients to have open communication and effectively manage their finances.
Sabra graduated from Brandeis University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and minor in Education, where after she enrolled in law school and graduated from Hofstra University School of Law in 1998 with her Juris Doctorate. She took the bar exam in three states and was thereafter admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and has been practicing law ever since.
Sabra is currently writing a book to guide and empower couples through the process of “uncoupling,” The Harmonious Divorce: The Four Step Process to Uncoupling. She is also the author of a chapter in the best-selling book Success from the Heart and the author of several chapters in the books Onward & Upward: Guide for Getting Through New York Divorce and Family Law Issues. Connect with her at

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    • When a widow, or a surviving ex-spouse, waits until age 60 or later to remarry, they preserve the right to collect Social Security benefits on their deceased spouse’s earnings record.

      • My ex remarried and I did not. He is in very bad health and i am wondering what the facts are about drawing from his SS ?

    • My ex remarried and I did not. He is in very bad health and i am wondering what the facts are about drawing from his SS ?

      Dear Melva,
      We received your questions regarding your Social Security. You are entitled to your ex-spouses Social Security if you were married for 10 years. The fact that he remarried has nothing to do with your benefits. If you remarry after age 60 years, it does not effect your spousal benefits. You will have to determine how and when you should collect on your ex-spouses benefits, they may be higher than your current monthly benefit.
      After hundreds of women came to Savvy Ladies seeking answers to their social security questions we partnered with Social Security Solutions so that women would understand that there is a reliable resource in which to determine what the best strategy is for you. Its inexpensive so please take a look

      Here’s a link to the software product

      Please make sure you understand the best claiming strategy for your situation

      We’re here if you have any additional questions

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