Dominate Your Debt: What Every Savvy Lady Needs to Know to Take Control, Owe Less, and Live More


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During this energetic talk we will go through…
-The #1 secret to feeling powerful when it comes to debt
-The difference between “good” and “bad” debt – and how to handle both
-When to save, when to throw money at your debt, and the real deal about consolidation

Life’s too short to waste it worrying about debt. You will get tips, tools and strategies to understand your debt, build your confidence, and create a payoff plan that actually makes sense for you… so you can get out of debt, stay out, and have the freedom you deserve.

Rebecca Selkowe - Headshot

About Rebecca Eve Selkowe:

Rebecca is a recovering attorney, speaker, and financial freedom strategist. She is the founder of Financial Freedom with Rebecca Eve, and creator of the Dominate Your Debt and Rock Your Money programs. She empowers women to take control of their finances so they can be confident, relaxed and free around money – and have the choices and opportunities they deserve. Her fun yet powerful approach to personal finance is one part hand-holding, one part bum-kicking, and many parts song lyrics.

Rebecca is a trained opera singer who loves to rap – she calls it “hip-hopera” – and if she’s not talking about financial freedom, she’s probably singing karaoke. She lives in NYC with her husband, daughter, and their 6.5 pound maltipoo.

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  1. Need Help in budgeting so i can live on my own its so hard been divorced two yrs now and its so hard to manage,so i can have my own

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